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Commercial & Residential Insurance Claims Contractor Services
  • Storm Damage (gale force wind and small to medium size hail)
  • Catastrophic Storm Damage (tornado, hurricane and large hail)
  • Fire, Smoke and Soot Damage
  • Flood and Water Damage
*Hassle Free Insurance Services. Our reps are licensed ’all lines insurance adjusters’ and will gladly assist you with your claim including:
  • Filing your claim
  • Meeting your adjuster
  • Working with your insurance company to determine the scope/amount of damages
  • Explaining the claims appeal process (when necessary) including arbitration, mediation and appraisal.
  • Collecting the recoverable depreciation from your insurance carrier after the work is complete.
  • We also assist you in obtaining mortgage endorsements, as your mortgage company will be listed as additional loss payee on large claims.
*To sum it up…. We make a sometime complicated insurance claims process, EASY!